Our specialist engineers service & repair all commercial dishwashers, glasswashers & ice cube machines

System-Matic Ltd

Our specialist engineers service & repair all commercial dishwashers, glasswashers & ice cube machines             

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Commercial Warewashing chemicals from System-Matic Ltd


Dishi £8.49 for 5 Ltrs (also available in 10 Ltrs & 20 Ltrs)

Machine Dishwash Detergent


A machine dishwash detergent that removes soiling and food deposits


Dishi is a clear liquid with a high sequestrant content, which allows it to be used effectively in both soft and hard water areas. An anti-corrosive agent has been added to the formula to protect the machine.


Designed for washing cutlery, crockery, stainless steel and utensils. Suitable for all automatic dish washing machines.


Suitable for all automatic dish washing machines in food and catering establishments.

Glassi £9.57 for 5 Ltrs

Machine Glasswash Detergent


A machine glasswash detergent that removes stains and soiling, leaving glassware sparkling.


GLASSI is pre-softened for effectiveness in both hard and soft water.


Use to clean glassware, glasses and tumblers in all automatic glass washing machines. Suitable for use in pubs, clubs, Nightclubs, restaurants and bars.


Suitable for all automatic glass washing machines in food and catering establishments.

Rinsi  £8.49 for 5 Ltrs

Machine Rinse Additive


A rinse additive for all automatic dish and glass washing machines. Prevents spots and hazing on crockery and glassware, leaving a sparkling finish.RINSI is mildly acidic to neutralise detergent deposits. Suitable for use through automatic dosing equipment or by Manual dosing.

Clarifi £10.82 for 5 Ltrs

Drinking Glass Renovator


A specialist detergent for use in automatic glasswashing machines to remove staining and the build up of soil from drinking glasses, restoring their appearance. Clarifi can also be used to

deodorise the machine itself. Clarifi is a clear yellow liquid with a non-foaming formula for easier use in machines. Recommended for use in pubs, restaurants and hotels to keep glasses in good condition.

Phos £11.71 for 5 Ltrs

Food Plant Descaler


Phos is a concentrated descaler for food plant and equipment, which is low foaming and non-tainting.


Made from a blend of food safe acids produced to a high level of purity to descale and remove traces of alkali cleaners. Ideal for descaling bain-marie, stainless steel water boilers, steamers, dishwashing and glasswashing machines and stainless steel pipework. For use in the food and catering industry.

Granular salt 25KG £18.54 

used for MANUAL watersofteners. Food purity grade recommended for all granular water softeners. Dissolves quickly and evenly will not break down into fine particles that cause blockages in operation.

Tablet salt  25KG £18.54 

Used for Automatic watersofteners. As salt granules but in tablet form for ease of dispensing


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