Our specialist engineers service & repair all commercial dishwashers, glasswashers & ice cube machines

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Our specialist engineers service & repair all commercial dishwashers, glasswashers & ice cube machines             

Halcyon ice 35

Question: I have a halcyon ice 35 And its suddenly stopped making ice! The water jets are spraying but at a very low pressure so its not reaching the top where it is supposed to freeze. Any information will be greatly appreciated

Answer:  Hi Jay. Sounds as if the water pump is starved of water. Make sure the stop cock is not turned off. Also tip some cold water into the water tank. You can do this by pouring water over the front of the curtain so it drips into the tank. Approximately 2 pints should do. This should make a difference to the water spray. If it loses water again there is quite possibly a fault with the water solenoid which you would need an engineer to replace.

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Question: Hi I have one of theses dishwashers and I'm having a problem, it heats up ok it fills ok and it drains ok, but it doesn't do the wash cycle' what could this be and are you local to gloucestershire for repairs ? Thank you. Nige Lloyd.

Answer:  Hi Nigel, unfortunately you are out of our area. The problem with your dishwasher would probably be due to one of 3 faults. If the machine is making a humming noise when it is supposed to be in cycle it could be that the start capacitor is faulty and needs to be replaced. Another fault could be that the cycle start switch is faulty and needs to be replaced (is the cycle lamp coming on during cycle?) or it could be the timer itself is faulty.

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Classeq eco glasswasher

Question : hi I have a classEQ eco glasswasher which fuse everything when on I tried to change the fuse wiith no result what could it be? thanks remi

Answer:  Hi Remi, Quite possibly the rinse element is earthing out, but not able to identify fault definitely without seeing the machine to test. Hope this helps.

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Halcyon Ice 60 machine

Name : Julie

Question : What is the cost for a call out to repair a Halcyon Ice 60 machine in the Ruislip Middlesex Area

Answer:  Hi Julie, Unfortunately we do not cover your area

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hf95 washing machine

Name = margaret

Question = i have a hf95 washing machine, i am told the heater element has gone i just wondered if you fix these machines if so could you please tell me how much a call out is and how much it would be to fit a heater element. i am at lutterworth, nr leicester

Answer:  Hi Margaret, Unfortunately we only repair commercial dishwashers and glasswashers and do not repair washing machines.

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Dishwasher Repair

Name = Marie Harbun

Question = What is the cost of call out to repair a Classeq dishwasher in the West Midlands area?

Answer:  Hi Marie, Callout charge may vary depending on post code but about £55.00 on average. Please email us your details for a more accurate cost. Address: [email protected]

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