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General Information

  • 1 year warranty
  • Halcyon Amika models ruggedly built with simple controls
  • Simple soft touch wipe clean controls
  • All models fitted as standard with peristaltic detergent and rinse aid dosing
  • Drain pump fitted
  • Surface scrap trays available but not supplied
  • internal breaktank and rinse pump as standard




  • Standard voltage 240V –  single phase
  • All models can be supplied for 3 phase operation
  • Suitable for hot (max 50°C) or cold* water supply at 2 to 4 bar dynamic pressure
  • Wash temperature – 60°C
  • Rinse temperature – 80°C 
  • Cycle time 90 – 150 seconds
  • Dimensions W580mm x D605mm x H815mm


Drain pump versions require a waste up-stand for correct operation.
Restrictive waste connections should be avoided for all installations.
*Machines fitted to cold water supplies will not be capable of running
repeated short cycles, the cycle time will automatically be extended
to allow recovery of correct operating temperatures.

Amika AMH51D under counter dishwasher

SKU: 632835642834572
£3,050.00 Regular Price
£2,504.13Sale Price

Need an engineer ?

Hard working equipment requires regular maintenance. The commercial dishwasher / glasswasher is one of the hardest working machines in the kitchen / bar - and plays a vital part in meeting hygiene standards. Protect this investment with a Planned Preventative Maintenance Contract - P P M . We arrange visits to an agreed schedule at times which are convenient for your organisation. Our engineers thoroughly check each machine and carry out any adjustments or repairs required - subject to preapproval if you wish. We also check on operating procedures and leave a written report for your machine/s.

The benefits are numerous ? increased efficiency with correct procedures, lower long term operating costs, longer machine life, minimised disruption at peak times, and documented evidence of your commitment to ensuring high standards of hygiene at all times. Contact us on 08442 720 556 or book online to repair or maintain your commercial dishwasher, commercial glasswasher or commercial Ice machine or for more information you can call us on 08442 720 556.

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