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Financing your commercial equipment

We have teamed up with The Oxford Funding Company Ltd to bring you an easy, quick and affordable alternative to paying up front for the capital equipment you need. There are many benefits of leasing for businesses, with its flexibility, tax allowances and total equipment funding to name but a few.

Leasing and Finance


Finance offered on all items over £500

One of the many benefits of buying from us is that we offer finance on all purchases over £500. The rates are great, you can spread the cost over 2-5 years, meaning you can keep your cash in the bank.


No hassle to set up

Getting finance on your equipment is quick and simple. One quick call to us gets the ball rolling. We work with an independent broker who shops around for the best deals for you and can get approval the same day.


Reduce your tax bill

Using finance to buy your equipment means you can claim tax relief on it. As leasing (financing) is an allowable business expense, it’s eligible for tax relief for the whole term of your finance agreement. More money in your pocket!


Keep your cash flow flowing

You can enjoy your new piece of equipment without the large cash outlay by financing your purchase.  Using finance means you can keep your cash reserves for when you really need them. 


Fixed interest rate

With a fixed interest rate for the term of the finance, you are able to budget better for the years ahead. It’s also far cheaper than using your business account overdraft.


How much will it cost me?

Use the interactive calculator here to find out what the costs will be per month and week.

How do I get finance set up?

Just give us a call. We work with a trusted, independent finance broker who makes getting finance quick and easy. And because they shop around, they can get you the very best deal. And they’re a really friendly bunch - no automated phone lines, just a very professional and personal service.

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