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Commercial glasswasher repairs

Commercial glasswasher repairs



A glasswasher is a commercial warewashing machine built to quickly and efficiently wash and rinse large quantities of glassware. They are invaluable for businesses with high drinks orders such as pubs, sports bars and clubs.

Most glasswashers wash and rinse a rack full of glasses in less than two minutes. This means your fast paced bar will always have clean glasses ready for serving. It is best practice to have at least two glasswasher racks per machine for an efficient washing cycle - while one rack is in the machine, the others are readied for the next cycle.

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Glasswashers are specially designed to wash only your glassware. Glasswashers have a quick wash speed and can easily be stored under counters, allowing you to position them close to your front of house or serving area.

You should not use a commercial dishwasher in place of a glasswasher as they are designed to wash plates in a different manner to glasses and at a higher heat, which risks damaging your glassware. Glasswashers also wash faster than dishwashers which can be invaluable to businesses during peak periods when demand is at its highest.

Whilst some warewashers are available that can wash both plates and glasses, glasswashers are more affordable and traditionally offer a higher output for a lower price, making them the best choice for businesses where the prime focus is drinks.

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Sales, service and repairs to all makes of commercial glasswashers

Commercial glasswasher engineers on call 6 days a week to repair your appliance. Please call 0844 272 0556 or click here to book a callout.

We repair and service the following commercial glasswashers:

  • Maidaid Halcyon

  • Winterhalter

  • Amika

  • Adler

  • Aristarco

  • Bar Aid

  • Blue Seal

  • Classeq

  • Classic

  • Clenaware

  • Colged

  • Comenda

  • Dexion

  • DIHR

  • Direct Catering

  • Ecomax

  • Electrolux

  • ​Emperor

  • Fagor

  • Hobart

  • Hoovend

  • Lamber

  • Mach

  • Maidaid Halcyon

  • Meiko

  • Nelson

  • Newscan

  • Omniwash

  • Rancilio

  • Sammic

  • Silanos

  • Tiekos

  • Winterhalter

Commercial glasswasher engineers covering Leicestershire, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire (Parts), Warwickshire, East Midlands, West Midlands, Cambridgeshire, Huntingdonshire, Lincolnshire (parts), Rutland.

Need an engineer ?

Hard working equipment requires regular maintenance. The commercial dishwasher / glasswasher is one of the hardest working machines in the kitchen / bar - and plays a vital part in meeting hygiene standards. Protect this investment with a Planned Preventative Maintenance Contract - P P M . We arrange visits to an agreed schedule at times which are convenient for your organisation. Our engineers thoroughly check each machine and carry out any adjustments or repairs required - subject to preapproval if you wish. We also check on operating procedures and leave a written report for your machine/s.

The benefits are numerous ? increased efficiency with correct procedures, lower long term operating costs, longer machine life, minimised disruption at peak times, and documented evidence of your commitment to ensuring high standards of hygiene at all times. Contact us on 08442 720 556 or book online to repair or maintain your commercial dishwasher, commercial glasswasher or commercial Ice machine or for more information you can call us on 08442 720 556.

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